Thatcher Language House:

French Language Program - La Maison Française

If you would like to experience everyday life en française, La Maison Française is a way to do that right on campus.

The Thatcher Language House offers the opportunity to live in a residence hall dedicated to learning a foreign language and exploring foreign cultures. In this hall of 110 students, the majority are a part of one of the six Language Programs.

Participants in the Thatcher House French Language Program live together on a floor which includes a classroom/lounge, where they can socialize in the language. Also, they meet in the classroom regularly during the week for a specially-designed, two-credit conversation/culture course. An experienced graduate student from the French Department teaches the course and organizes social and cultural activities.

A community develops around speaking French and taking part in cultural activities, from the frivolous to the serious. Participants play Pictionary and Trivial Pursuit en française, sponsor "Française au Café" (coffee and conversation in the Campus Center), screen classic and contemporary films from France, organize a French cooking workshop, host a fête crêpe for other house residents.

Both French majors and non-majors from a variety of disciplines make up the Thatcher House French Language Program. Often members become double majors, adding French fluency to their professional training. Students have found the French Language Program community an excellent place to prepare for study abroad in Rouen and Paris, as well as a supportive community to return to after studying in France.

To Register:

Download application, fill it out and send it in prior to the deadline.

French Program Application

French Program Application for Native Speakers 

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Pamela R. Marsh-Williams, Ph.D.
Assistant Provost & Dean

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