Majors RAPs - Fall 2014

Majors RAPs are an opportunity for students to connect early with department faculty, research and initiatives. 

Major RAPs provides students with an opportunity to:

  • Enroll in a RAP seminar taught by department faculty and/or an advanced graduate student who is aligned with a faculty member.
  • Meet distinguished faculty members through the seminar format and/or other opportunities offered by the department. 
  • Work closely with faculty and explore academic and/or professional opportunities related to their major, research interests, career interests and academic goals. 
  • Discover the incredible resources of their major department, and learn how to increase their involvement in and connection to the department.
  • Share their living and learning experience with other students in their major. 
  • Engage in opportunities to support each other through group projects and study groups. .
  • Develop relationships with upper class and graduate students in their major.

The following departments offer a RAP restricted to first-year students who have been admitted into the major:

There are many reasons why a department may choose to sponsor a Majors RAP.

  • Having a Majors RAP enables a department to work closely with a group of dedicated students as the students begin their college experience at UMass Amherst.
  • Students who choose to join Majors RAPs are usually very high achievers who have a strong desire to become connected to their department. These are the students who may become department ambassadors, work as undergraduate TAs, become peer advisors and engage in research with your faculty.
  • There is great value in having students in a major live together. Students can be more successful with the rigorous demands of the major when they live with others who are in similar classes and facing the same demanding schedule. Of course, when they live together the students can make connections regarding the content work they are engaged in for RAP and main campus classes.
  • It is easier for faculty, TAs and upper class students to gather students for group projects and study sessions when the students live together.

Each RAP has unique components. Special features may include: 

  • Spring semester seminar
  • A specially designated small section of an introductory class taught in the residential area. 
  • Access to classes usually restricted to students in their second semester or beyond.

Pamela R. Marsh-Williams, Ph.D.
Assistant Provost & Dean

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