Focus RAPs

Focus RAPs are designed to meet the unique needs of students entering UMass Amherst without a declared major.

At the core of all Focus RAPs is the OASIS First-Year Seminar, a one-credit seminar taught by academic advisors from the Undergraduate Advising office.  In this class students work closely with their advisor to explore various majors and determine how to best match UMass Amherst's academic options with their interests and abilities.

The OASIS seminar helps students to identify and refine their personal approaches to learning in a college setting, generating more efficient use of study time which leads to students earning higher grades.  Students will be introduced to the wealth of resources on campus that can provide assistance with academic, social, and personal issues.  

There are three different Focus RAPs: 

Focus Enterprise: This Focus RAP is designed for students who have an interest in a business related major or career. Focus Enterprise students will enroll in classes required for application to many majors including the Isenberg School of Management. Simultaneously, students will learn about various other majors, minors, and opportunities that can move them in the direction of their individual goals.

Focus Connections: This Focus RAP is intended for students who may have a number of majors they are considering, or may wish to learn more about the array of options to assist them in finding a good match for their study and career goals.

Focus STEM: This Focus RAP is designed for students with an interest in a science, technology, engineering or math related major or career. As part of this RAP students will enroll in some of the courses required to make an application to the School of Engineering while learning about various other majors, minors, and opportunities that can move them in the direction of their individual goals.

We also encourage undeclared students to check out the various Topic RAPs offered. Students who join a Topic RAP can enroll in the OASIS First-Year seminar in the spring semester.

Be sure to visit the How to Join page on this website to learn about the process and important timelines you must follow to become a member of this fantastic program! 


Pamela R. Marsh-Williams, Ph.D.
Assistant Provost & Dean

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