Careers in Education RAP Fall 2014

When you become an educator you have a  powerful and long-term impact on the lives around you.    

This wonderful program is designed for 30 first-year students who want to pursue careers in education or related fields.

When you join this RAP you will...

  • Enroll in a unique a 1-credit seminar taught by individuals from the School of Education. 
  • Discuss and identify ways to pursue your academic and/or career goals.
  • Share your living-and-learning experience with other students committed to exploring opportunities in education. 
  • Learn how to navigate the sometimes complex system leading to teacher licensure in Massachusetts.

Regardless of your long term plans-becoming a teacher, guidance counselor, or policy maker-this RAP will help you identify the paths that best suit your individual needs and skills. 

Specific Course Information

"Embracing Diversity" (Education 115)

Here is a message about the course from Sabrina Durand, the instructor:

This course is about cultural diversity in the educational community. The concept of diversity is inclusive, reaching across gender, race and ethnicity, religion, and a myriad other forms of "difference".

Through the class readings, guest lectures, films clips, and discussions, students will emerge:

  • With a better understanding of how to make the educational context-and the broader society-- more accessible and culturally responsive for various groups
  • Having gained a greater appreciation and valuing diversity in their own lives.

RAP Seminar

In the RAP seminar you will receive an overview of current educational topics, engage in stimulating group discussions, and have opportunities to work on special projects with others in the RAP.

Your seminar instructor will help you plan the coursework and experiences that will help you prepare for a major or minor in education and/or one of the Educator Preparation Programs which leads to teacher licensure in Massachusetts. 

The Careers in Education RAP provides structure and support as students navigate the sometimes complex system leading to licensure in Massachusetts. 


Be sure to visit the How to Join page on this website to learn about the process and important timelines you must follow to become a member of this fantastic program! 

"Always walk through life as if you will have something to learn and you will."  Vernon Howard


Fall 2014

ALL students in the Careers in Education RAP will enroll in the following classes taught in the residential area: 

"RAP Seminar"- UNIV 190R
1 credit


"Embracing Diversity" - Educ 115 (Gen Ed IU), 4 credits  


"College Writing" - English 112 (Gen Ed CW), 3 credits, a limited number of sections will be offered in each residential area both Fall 2014 and Spring 2015 semesters.

Spring 2015

  • No required RAP classes.
  • Small sections of Gen Ed classes will be offered in each residence area.


Students will live together in Webster Hall in Orchard Hill area of campus.    

Pamela R. Marsh-Williams, Ph.D.
Assistant Provost & Dean

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