There will be SIGNIFICANT CHANGES in which RAPs will be offered for Fall 2015.


Fall 2015 information will be posted by the end of March.


Sorry for any inconvenience and thanks for your patience!


Check out this great RAP video spotlighting RAP students and instructors!

RAP - Residential Academic Programs

Join a RAP and....

  • Become part of a community of students who share a common interest.
  • Take classes with students who live in your residence hall.
  • Connect easily with classmates for study groups and class projects.
  • Receive support and assistance with academic decisions.
  • Enroll in a General Education class in your residential area.
  • Learn about the goals behind the Gen Ed program and discover ways to make meaning of ALL your UMass classes.
  • Make the large university feel like a smaller place.

Click on the program names below and link to information on each specific RAP:

  • Read a full program description.
  • Learn the specific classes and residence halls connected to each RAP.

Topic RAPs

**** Please note: for Fall 2015 the Topic RAPs will be moved into the Foundations RAP model. They will no longer have seminars included. ***

Topic RAPs are designed for students who want to live with students who share an interest- either personal or related to their area of study. All Topic RAP students receive the benefits of being a Global Pathways Student (GPS).

ALL Topic RAPs include:

  • A one-credit RAP seminar
  • A General Education class (usually a small section of 30 students) 

Both classes are usually taught in the residential area.

These RAP seminars are designed to:

  • Unify the RAP group
  • Provide a structured environment to explore the RAP topic and
  • Smooth the transition to university life

These Topic RAPs are open to Any First-Year Student:

Careers in Education 
Careers in Law 
Connecting Science & Society 
Connecting Self & Society 
Cultural Explorations 
Exploring the Arts 
Global Opportunities
Impact! Service Learning 
Literary Studies
Politics Today 
Scientific Connections
Social Justice & Activism 


Foundations RAPs

Foundations RAPs are designed for students who want to have a class in common with students in their residence hall. 

Foundations RAPs do not include a seminar.

Foundations: Sciences RAPs
are designed for students who are interested in or who have declared a science major.

Foundations RAPs have no topic or interest focus built in - they are simply a General Education class for a group of students who live in the same residence hall.


RAP group photo


Fall 2015 program descriptions, courses and locations will be posted soon!

Please check back late March!


There are a wide variety of General Education (Gen Ed) classes available through RAP. 

RAPs are located in Residence Halls across campus. 


RAPs for Undeclared Students 

Program opportunities will be listed by the end of March.


RAPs for Declared Majors

Check out what is special about all Majors RAPs and the details for each specific program.

Majors RAPs are available for the students entering declared in the following majors:

Animal Science Majors
Communication Majors
Computer Science Majors
Engineering Majors
Nursing Majors
Performing and Visual Arts Majors


RAPs for Commonwealth Honors College Students

There are many RAPs that are available for students entering UMass as members of the Commonwealth Honors College. Check out the variety of Honors RAPs.

All Honors RAPs will require an application for Fall 2015.


RAPs by Invitation or Application

These programs have specific restrictions for participation. See the individual links for details.

Emerging Scholars
Partners in Education (PiE) 



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