OASIS Seminars (UNIV 125)

(Opportunities for Academic Success with Individualized Support)

OASIS First-Year Seminar 

The OASIS First-Year Seminar (UNIV-125) is designed specifically for students entering the University without a declared major.  In addition to all the traditional topics found in many first-year seminars, OASIS has a strong emphasis on exploring majors.  Students in OASIS work closely with their academic advisor as they complete exercises and activities to help clarify their individual goals and develop their personal academic plans.   Sections are taught by advisors from Undergraduate Advising or others with programmatic connections to first-year students. Regular advising appointments with the advisor connected to the section are a requirement of the course. 


OASIS is an important course for students who have not yet declared a major.  In some RAPs (Focus Connections, Enterprise and STEM), the seminar is an integral part of the learning community, and all students enroll in a section of OASIS, with other students from their residence hall.  Many other undeclared first-year students (whether through RAPs or not) enroll in OASIS during their first semester.

Others choose to enroll in OASIS during their second semester, when they've had an opportunity to explore some potential majors or if they are having a hard time narrowing down their options.

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OASIS for Transfers (UNIV125T)

The OASIS Seminar for Transfers is designed for incoming undeclared transfer students, to assist them in transitioning smoothly into UMass, and making the most of their time here.  Topics will include adjusting to UMass, maximizing utilization of resources and opportunities, exploring majors (and minors and certificates), ensuring timely progress to graduation, and positioning for careers/next steps.

OASIS: Moving Forward (UNIV 192G)

OASIS - Moving Forward is a 1-credit pass/fail seminar specifically designed to assist undeclared students who are on Academic Probation or facing other academic difficulty.  The seminar will provide you with opportunities to enhance and improve your academic and other skills necessary for success at the University.  The course also includes a focus on activities designed to help you choose a major. 

  • Class meets once per week
  • Classes are small: 15 to 20 students
  • Instructor is an academic advisor - during the semester you will have 3 individual appointments with your advisor to give you one-on-one support
  • Topics covered include: time management, learning styles, study strategies, test preparation, on-campus resources, and major exploration.



Please send an email to undergradadvising@acad.umass.edu 



Here's what  UMass students have said about taking the OASIS seminar:

"I learned a lot about the university - it was like getting a tutorial on HOW TO DO COLLEGE, which is way more effective than trying to figure it out and have no idea what I'm doing."

"I feel better prepared to be successful because I now know that I have many resources to resort to if I ever need them. I also know what my goals and my values are for college. Even though I am still undecided, my eyes are now opened to all the new majors and interests that surround me."

"I now know what my options as a student are and I'm  much better prepared to do all that I want. I am more organized, and I have a plan to get the most out of my college education."

"I feel better prepared to be successful in my academic work at UMass in many ways. I have learned how to manage my time and priorities a lot better now; and also how to take advantage of the resources around me."  



What would you tell a student on Academic Probation who was considering enrolling in Moving Forward?

"I would tell that student, just do it! It really was the best decision I made because it pushed me to become more involved in how I learn and I got to learn so many ways in which learning would work best for me. Not only did I walk away with useful tools but better time management and an eager mind to do well. It gave me motivation, which is a quality I lack very much of!"

Pamela R. Marsh-Williams, Ph.D.
Assistant Provost & Dean

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