Majors Exploration Events


U @ UMass: You Are More Than Your Major 

The Undergraduate Advising Office sponsors a series of U @ UMass: You Are More Than Your Major events each spring semester.  In 2013, there were three student panels, in which 5-6 students described how they have chosen to enhance their major/minor/certificate programs by participating in Study Abroad, Domestic Exchange, Five-College Interchange, Community Service Learning, Internships/Co-ops, research, and/or Registered Student Organizations.  Click here for more information about the Majors Events in Spring 2014. 


Undergraduate Advising's annual Majors Fair

The Majors Fair is the central event sponsored by Undergraduate Advising regarding majors exploration in the fall semester.  Click here for more information about Majors Fairs. 

Throughout the academic year:

Throughout the year, UMass Schools, Colleges and/or Departments may host information sessions or presentations with regard to majors exploration and/or what can be done with a specific major.  The best place to stay current with such offerings is at the Undergraduate Advising Blog.

Check (or subscribe to) the Undergraduate Advising Blog for information about majors events and also departmental information sessions!  



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