Majors Fair 2014 will be held Wednesday, October 29 from 5:30-7:30PM. 

Majors Exploration

UMass expects students to have declared a major by the end of their third semester. 

Of course, changes can be made after this point, and with some selective majors, you may not have gained access to the program by that time.  Regardless, it's always important to have a 'Plan B' - another viable major that you are making progress toward, in case things don't work out with your preferred program.  See an advisor to discuss choosing a major, consider taking the OASIS seminar, and you can also use the resources listed below.  Before you get started, keep in mind the following:

  • Want to see all of your choices in one place?  Click to see the list of majors, listed by school/college, or the minors and certificates possible. 
  • Choosing a major is a PROCESS. Very few students know what they want to major in without exploring the many options.  Click here to see the Steps In Choosing a Major.
  • The first step of major exploration is self-assessment.  You can complete short inventories that will help you assess your interests, values, skills and personality. Based on this information, you will be led to majors and careers that may bring you the greatest satisfaction and success (see links to the right).
  • Remember, most majors do not equal careers. If you major in English, you do not have to write novels or be an English teacher. There are MANY career opportunities associated with undergraduate majors, so be sure to explore all options.  To see some possible careers connected to majors, click here.
  • Aim to declare your major by the end of your first semester sophomore year.   Click here for detailed information about how to officially declare or change your major.
  • Overwhelmed? Confused? See an Undergraduate Advisor for help!
  • Visit the Annual Majors Fair or attend spring panel discussions (U @ UMass: You Are More Than Your Major) to learn more about the many options open to you.


Helpful Links

Explore Career Resources and complete self- assessment inventories at the UMass Career Services website

Connect your SKILLS  to majors and careers 

Connect your  PERSONALITY to majors or careers (try any of the free inventories listed)

Link your INTERESTS to UMass majors  

Learn, in FOCUS, about your VALUES and how they relate to majors and careers (see also this stand-alone assessment from Rutgers)

Investigate UMass majors, minors & certificates: go to MAJOR OPTIONS and then research departmental websites on the UMass website

Examine sample career possibilities connected to majors at "What Can I Do With This Major?".

"Don't Feel Locked In By Your Chosen Major!" (article from the Wall Street Journal


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