Academic Deans' Office - BDIC

As your Academic Deans, we have the authority to make decisions concerning academic discipline and requests for exceptions to academic policies and regulations. Decisions made by the Deans concerning a student's academic status or record may be appealed to the Committee on Admissions and Records (CAR), a Faculty Senate committee, but such appeals MUST be routed through the Dean's Office.

The first stop for any BDIC student wishing a Dean's Action is to see Linda Roney in the BDIC Office (607 Goodell). 

Deans Forms - BDIC Majors Only

Important forms to request Dean's approval for exceptions to academic regulations. All forms must be returned in person to 607 Goodell. Please phone 413-545-2504 for more information.

  • Late Course Withdrawal Guidelines & Petition:
    Word, PDF

  • Late Course Add Petition:
    Word, PDF

  • Credit Overload Petition- Fall or Spring:

    Word, PDF

  • Credit Overload Petition- Summer or Winter:
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  • Late Pass/Fail Option Petition:
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Pamela R. Marsh-Williams, Ph.D.
Assistant Provost & Dean

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