Academic Deans' Office

Serving Undeclared, BDIC, Five College Interchange, and Domestic Exchange students -- Please visit the reception desk in 613 Goodell.  To email the Dean's office, use this address: .

As your Academic Deans, we have the authority to make decisions concerning academic discipline and requests for exceptions to academic policies and regulations. Decisions made by the Deans concerning a student's academic status or record may be appealed to the Committee on Admissions and Records (CAR), a Faculty Senate committee, but such appeals MUST be routed through the Dean's Office.

We strongly recommend that all students keep abreast of the University's Academic Regulations.  The most recent copy of the regulations can be found here.

Our Academic Dean's Office also tracks many students by placing them on a Dean's Contract. Students can be placed on a Contract if they are returning from a suspension, if they were recently immediately reinstated from academic discipline, and/or if they have earned more than 45 credits without declaring a major.

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Pamela R. Marsh-Williams, Ph.D.
Assistant Provost & Dean

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