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  • In Academic Advising, a diverse group of academic advisors meet 1:1 with undeclared students and help them to navigate their academic careers at UMass.
  • The Academic Dean's Office works on matters of academic status, including academic discipline and requests for exceptions to University policy.
  • The Academic Advising Link serves ANY UMass undergraduate with general, drop-in advising.
  • Undergraduate Advising also helps with Majors Exploration, Registration, and Student Success, so you can achieve your academic goals at UMass; these topics are covered in OASIS, our first-year seminar.
  • Our Undergraduate Advising Blog (see right column) is THE place to go to get current information about what's happening at UMass that might relate to choosing a major or mapping out your academic plan.  Subscribe to the Blog to have postings automatically delivered to you!


Undergraduate Advising

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Entering UMass in Fall 2014?  Your first step is to sign up for - and attend - New Student Orientation.  Follow the instructions at the NSO websiteWe'll see you soon!

Pamela R. Marsh-Williams, Ph.D.
Assistant Provost & Dean

This website is part of Undergraduate Advising & Learning Communities. We provide undergraduate students a variety of opportunities and services designed to facilitate the best academic experience possible. 609 Goodell Building, UMass Amherst.

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